Remember to upload your cert to the EPA before Brexit

It is important that you upload your personal City & Guilds  F Gas cert to the EPA Before December 31st

(Brexit Day)

Unless you do this your cert will be invalid

Valid applications in respect of the activity to which the certificate or training
attestation relate must be made by completing an online application form 5
. Please
ensure you select the correct form for the certificate you currently hold.
 The application must be accompanied by a valid UK certificate or training
attestation. Incomplete applications or applications containing false or misleading
information will be invalid. If you have mislaid your UK certificate, please contact
your course provider or the UK certifying body as a matter of urgency as you
will not be able to apply for a replacement Irish certificate without submitting
your UK certificate.
 If the EPA determines an application has been made in accordance with its
procedures in advance of 11.00pm on 31 October 2019, then the EPA shall issue the
certificate or training attestation applied for and will maintain a register of all EPA
certificate holders.
 This certificate or training attestation will allow you to work in the EU, including
 There will be no fee for making this application.