Air Handling Units Theory & Practise

Air Handling Units Theory & Practise

Course Synopsis:

This course is suitable for technicians working on HVAC systems. On completion candidates will be able to apply their knowledge of HVAC design principals. They will gain an understanding of procedures for operating and maintaining the site AHU’s and chiller systems; understand and be able to create S.O.P.s  and carry out basic maintenance procedures. In addition, they will develop an understanding of the psychrometric processes taking place in an AHU. demonstrate a basic knowledge of the vapour compression cycle

In house, our training facilities or designated location

1 Day

  • Psychrometric Definitions
  • The importance of Humidity control in the Electronics Industry
  • Humidification and Dehumidification
  • Processes taking place within the AHU.
  • Air filtration basics
  • Fan design
  • Cooling, DX and chilled water
  • Heating
  • Temperature control methods
  • Factors associated with air cleanliness.
  • Purpose of Air Filtration
  • Types of filters
  • Filter Classification
  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Pressure drops across filters
  • Magnahelic gauges
  • Air Pressure differential switches
  • O.P. basics
  • Using SOP’s to improve performance
  • Developing a safe maintenance SOP for a typical AHU
  • Basic Psychrometric calculations
  • Psychrometric calculations and mixed air calculations.
  • Measuring air flows
  • Balancing AHU’s
  • Tracking the processes taking place in an AHU
  • Course review