REAL Alternatives Flammable Refrigerants Training


This course is for technicians who are already experienced in handling non flammable refrigerants such as HFCs and who have a good understanding of system operation.

Scope of the flammable refrigerants training includes:

  • Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants R290, R1270, R600a;

  • HFC R32;

  • HFO refrigerants R1234ze, R1234yf;

  • HFO blends such as R454A.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Real Alternatives

  • Background to the use of natural refrigerants

  • Flammable refrigerants – an introduction

  • Flammability and other safety hazards

  • Working Safely

  • Cylinders and cylinder handling

  • Service procedures

  • Reducing leak potential

  • Application of flammable refrigerants

  • System design differences

  • Theory assessment

  • Practical assessment

  • Feedback / summary

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